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Turbo-G PCI Adapter

Turbo-G Karta sieciowa bezprzewodowa na PCI
Turbo-G 125Mbps Karta sieciowa bezprzewodowa na PCI
Złącze PCI oraz antena demontowalna
Kompatybilny ze standardami 802.11b/g
Zwiększ prędkość swojego podłączonego komputera 2x w porównaniu z urządzeniami 802.11g
obsługa 802.11e oraz WMM
Turbo-G Family

The AirLive Turbo-G family provides 125Mbps wireless speed at the same cost as the Wireless-G devices. Unlike the Super-G mode that uses channel-binding technology, Turbo-G solution can deliver up to 1.5 times the speed of Wireless-G solution using one single channel. This means higher and more stable performance. Best of all, it is compatible with 802.11g and 802.11b solutions.

Linking your Desktop PC to the WLAN network

The WT-2000PCI is a high performance PCI card for desktop PC. It puts your desktop PC instantly to the wireless LAN network. With the removable SMA connector, you can replace the standard antenna to extend the distance.

WMM and WPA2

The WT-2000PCI supports 802.11e WMM (Wifi Multimedia) that enables Quality of Service for video and audio applications. security has been always a concern for Enterprise to implement wireless device into their networks. The new WPA/WPA2 encryption standard (Wi-Fi Access Protect) has been developed to strengthen the wireless security for enterprise environment. The Key to WPA is the use of Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) to bolster encryption of wireless packets. TKIP provides important data encryption enhancements including a per-packet key mixing function, a message integrity check (MIC), an extended initialization vector (IV) with sequencing rules, and a re-keying mechanism. Through these enhancements, the WPA/WPA2 addresses all WEP's known vulnerabilities. The card also support the standard 64/128-bit WEP encryption.

WT-2000PCI download
WT-2000PCI download
WT-2000PCI support
WT-2000PCI spec
WT-2000PCI User's Guide
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