ES-4000 v2
ES-4000 v2
ES-4000 v2

ES-4000 v2

Email Server Appliance

Podsumowanie funkcji
  • Sprzętowy Serwer Email
  • Wspiera usługę Serwera WWW
  • POP3, SMTP,IMAP, Web Mail oraz Personal Web Disk
  • Filtr Anty-wirusowy
  • Wbudowany serwer DNS
  • Email Backup , HA (High Availability)
Since email has become the most important communicating tool in the world, the network administrator always looks for a stable, powerful, and easy installed email server system. Now AirLive presents you a hardware-based Email Server Appliance, ES-4000 v2, it provides POP3, SMTP, IMAP and Web mail server function that make the equipment suitable for most users; with 160GB hard disk ES-4000 v2 owns the capacity to handle plenty of users; and advanced managed function to customize each account for better performance.
Web Server
ES-4000 v2 not only provides mail server function, it also offers web server function to allow user creating company’s website on same device. So user will not need to purchase further software or hardware for web service.
Easy installation and useful mail system
Just few steps of installation, a useful mail server with POP3, SMTP,IMAP, WebMail and WebDisk function can be deployed and ready for use. can be deployed and ready for use.
Built-in with Clam AV scan engine can filter malicious program in mail content, to prevent mail receiver from virus threat. The virus pattern can be updated regularly, and without any license fee.
Mail server transfer
It is very possible to lost mail during the period of a new mail server installation. ES-4000 v2 provides a mechanism to check new mail from old mail server even in the process of DNS synchronized, and keep on receiving the mail.
Mail account transfer
ES-4000 provides a feature to transfer mail account from old mail server just in few configured steps. With learning systems, the administrator will not need to re-create all the account one by one.
Built-in with DNS server, administrator can setup the domain name resolution by himself, and will not need to spend money to deposit DNS service at ISP.
Web Mail
Sometimes users need to access email in public computer, such as cyber café, and it is not allowed or not properly to download private mail. Web mail function works to provide internet user to check mail via web browser, so users will be able to read or send email in anywhere.
Personal Web Disk
Instead of sending mail with attaching large file, user can store the file in Personal web disk and send out the address of hyperlink, and then Internet user will be able to download it without authentication.
Shared Address Book
ES-4000 v2 provides Shared Address Book for WebMail users; it can also connect to mail client software with LDAP service, such as Outlook Express, to search the destination address within Shared Address Book.
Remote Backup
ES-4000 will record every passing mail as the record, and user can select the schedule to backup the record to NAS or File Server. Those mail records also can be retrieved from NAS or File Server via ES-4000 v2.
Customize mail account
Each mail account can be customized based on company’s policy, the contents include Mail size limitation, Mail box Quota, and Personal web disk quota.
Built-in with HA (High Availability) function, the stored data can be synchronized with two ES-4000 v2 devices, to prevent losing mail in case a mail server crashes.
Embedded with 160G Hard Disk
ES-4000 v2 embedded with 160GB IDE hard disk to store the mail, and users can replace the hard disk by themselves, it supports to format the hard disk as its original capacity. The maximum size is up to 350GB.
ES-4000 v2
Processor: Celeron 1.2 GHz 
Memory: 256MB Flash, 512MB DRAM
Hard Disk: 160GB, IDE, ext3 file system 
Power: 100 ~ 240 VAC 
Power consumption: 80 Watts
Ethernet Port: 2 x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet RJ45 port
RS-232: DB-9 port for checking system or reset the factory default
Mail System
Web mail 
Personal Web Disk
Shared Address Book
DNS Server
Unlimited maximum users 
Suggested maximum users under 500
Transfer Mail Account
Query Old Mail Server 
Automatically Learning 
Import from LDAP server
Mail Security
Clam AV for Anti-Virus engine
Mail Account Managed
Mail Size Limitation 
Mail Box Quota 
Personal Web Disk
Mail Backup
Mail Copier
Remote Backup to NAS or File Server
Management and
Web-based management 
Firmware upgrade 
Export or import the config file
Environment Specification
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃ 
Operating Humidity: 5% ~ 95%
Product Weight (Kg)
474 g
Product Size ( L x W x H (mm) )
430 x 275 x 45 mm

Software & Firmware

  • Firmware Version: 6.08, Added IPv6 addressing, Failed Login IPs, Email messages can be stored on an iSCSI storage device and improved the performance of Web mail. Details 2012/10/12
  • ES-4000(v2), ES-4000, Firmware Version 3.09, add 'Reverse DNS Lookup', 'Block Dictionary Attacks', and 'SMTP Recipient Limit' function, Release Note Details 2009/11/26
  • Firmware version 3.02 User can use WebMial system to import old mails into his own mail account of ES-4000, Release Note Details 2009/07/02
  • New firmware version 2.09, Renew Clam AV Scan Engine , please check Details 2009/01/13
  • ES-4000 Firmware 2.05, Details 2008/01/25
  • ES-4000 Firmware 1.12, Details 2008/01/25
  • MD5summer, Details 2008/01/25
  • ES-4000 Firmware 1.07, Release Note Details 2007/07/19


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ES-4000 v2 Email Server Appliance
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